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Wanted: Besides working tirelessly to bring rare and obscure music to the wider audience it deserves, here at Top Sounds we are always seeking out the below, whether it be for adding to our own archive or for resale to the faithful. Please get in touch should you have any of the below you'd like to sell.

ACETATES WANTED:Unreleased acetates / tapes from the mid 60s to early 70s in the heavy beat, British RnB, psychedelic, pop and early progressive rock genres. Anything interesting from a single track to an album's worth (or more!) considered!

TAPES WANTED:Tapes of music (especially live sessions) recorded from BBC radio shows from the early 60s to the early 70s, especially from programmes like John Peel's 'Top Gear', 'Saturday Club', 'Pop North', 'Saturday Swings', 'Easy Beat', The Joe Loss Show', 'Monday Monday', 'Night Ride', 'Sounds Of The 70s' and 'Radio One Club', as well as programmes like 'Pete's People', The David Symonds Show', 'Stuart Henry', 'The Dave Cash Programme' and most other daytime / afternoon / evening Radio One shows of the period including folk programmes like 'Folk On One'. Also music from Jazz programmes like 'Jazz Club' etc. Also off air recordings sought of music or music related TV shows like 'Ready Steady Go', 'Top Of The Pops', 'The Pop Spot', 'The Beat Room', 'Open House', 'Colour Me Pop', 'Late night Line Up', 'Disco 2', 'Gadzooks', 'Lift Off With Ayshea', 'Five O'Clock Club'...

RECORDS WANTED:Records — 45s / EPs / LPs / 78s, 1950s / 1960s early 1970s beat / psychedelic, pop, progressive rock, soul / Tamla, rock 'n' roll, folk, British jazz, blues / RnB

MUSIC PAPERS WANTED:1960 — 70s Music magazines / papers such as Music Echo, Disc And Music Echo, Melody Maker, Top Pops, Intro, Disc Weekly, Record Mirror, Boyfriend, Marilyn, Combo, Valentine, Fabulous / Fab 208 Mirabelle, Jackie, Trend and Petticoat / Trend, Rave, Showbeat (Radio Scotland magazine), Beatwave, Flower Scene, Rolling Stones Monthly, The Mod / Mods Monthly, Pop Weekly

TV / RADIO RECORDINGS WANTED: Recordings of missing television from the 1950s to the early 70s, sci fi like 'Out Of The Unknown', 'Object Z', The Escape Of RD 7', 'The Monsters', 'R3' and many more, also comedy such as 'The Likely Lads' (1960s) and drama series like 'the Mask Of Janus', 'Curtain Of Fear' and all similar.

TV MAGAZINES WANTED:Television magazines from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, such as Radio Times, TV Times, TV World, Look Westward etc.

We are in South Derbyshire and close to Leicestershire and Staffordshire, but will travel further for good collections!

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