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'SHAPES AND SOUNDS' - Orange and red beams from the BBC archives 1967 - 1969

Vinyl £13.49 SOLD OUT!
CD £12.99 SOLD OUT!

As played on Mark Lamarr's Radio 2 'Alternative Sixties' show, Stuart Maconie's 'Freak Zone' and Radio Leeds' 'Down In The Grooves'!

Following on from ‘Alphabeat’, Top Sounds is proud to announce the release of a second compilation, on this occasion a delightful selection of choice 60’s rarities from the otherwise largely inaccessible BBC archives. Spanning a period of almost two years, ‘Shapes And Sounds’ offers seventeen performances taped in BBC studios for broadcast not only on the more familiar radio shows such as ‘Top Gear’ and Saturday Club’, but also some of the daytime weekly programmes such as ‘The Dave Cash Programme’. This release, on both LP and CD, features six bands, all of whom will be familiar to collectors of psychedelia and pop of the period, some of which are lauded as being amongst the most rated groups of their time.

For many pride of place will go to Kaleidoscope, as ‘Shapes And Sounds’ features two tracks that are missing from the BBC’s Transcription Service archive and consequently were not included on the ‘Please Listen To The Pictures’ BBC set. Thanks to the recent discovery of a transcription disc, Top Sounds are privileged to complete the jigsaw and offer a choice version of the band’s most contagious single ‘Jenny Artichoke’, as well as a stupendous rendition of the ‘Faintly Blowing’ cut ‘Music’ which is guaranteed to have Kaleidoscope’s legion of followers in ecstacy! Also thought lost and making their debut on record and CD are three splendid tracks by Tomorrow featuring Keith West, sourced from two editions of ‘Top Gear’ in October 1967 and February 1968. MORE »

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