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Welcome to Top Sounds: not exactly Stars on 45, but rather lost pop, rock and psychedelic treasures from the 1960s delivered at 45, 33 and 1/3 and on those high-speed silver things too. Come in and uncover the previously unreleased gems of pop's most inflorescent decade, from Tomorrow to Timebox, from Goldie to the Glass Opening and lots more...

THE KIRKBYS — 'Five From The Kirkbys'

TSEP 003

Long held in high regard by 60s music fans and collectors Liverpool's Kirkbys actually had only three records released in their lifetime, two singles in Finland only and the classic 'It's A Crime' in their native UK. In 1967 they were rechristened the 23rd Turnoff and their Deram label 45 'Michael Angelo' has featured on a number of compilations including two devoted to the group itself. These two releases... MORE »

THE SYN — Created By Clive / I'm Following You

TS45 004

During 1967 the Syn released just two 45s for the Deram label, which have since been venerated by fans and collectors alike as classics of their genre. Unfortunately not a great deal of previously unreleased material by the band has surfaced since, but the unearthing of a hitherto undocumented acetate has enabled — with the blessing of the Syn's singer and songwriter Steve Nardelli... MORE »

TOP SOUNDS :: FACES FROM THE DARK — Beat and Psychedelia at the Modern Music Centre 1965–1969


During the mid to late 1960s the Modern Music Centre in London welcomed hundreds of aspirant hopefuls through its doors at 86 Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick. Over seventy acetates at least on the studio's own label are known to exist but the fact that few have ever been released has ensured the studio remains a largely forgotten venture. Its relatively... MORE »

RAW MOD—The New Kind Of People 1965 — 1968

TSLP 011 / TSSCD 011

Initially a London-centric movement that germinated during the latter half of the 1950s, Modernism — largely through Ready Steady Go! and then the well publicized seaside disturbances of 1964 — eventually became a nationwide phenomenon. Some of the older established Mods treated the movement being absorbed into mainstream pop culture and the resultant commercialism with disdain, nevertheless... MORE »

VARIOUS ARTISTS — A Trip Through The Forest Of OAK Records 1967 - 1970

TSLP 009/TSSCD 009

After the highly decorated '17 From Morden' album Top Sounds pay a second visit to R.G Jones' studio with 'From Morden To Wimbledon', a compilation which collects fifteen tracks transferred from OAK label acetates. Two of Friday's Chyld's excellent and recently unearthed pre Fire recordings make their debut on vinyl, and Torquay's Phaze offer weighty psych pop with two numbers from their acetate only EP. MORE »

THE KONTAX — Near Me / Hold On I'm Coming

TS45 003

In 1967 the Kontax visited a studio in Bedfordshire to record two tracks that were pressed up on a very limited run of vinyl 45s, on Luton's Summit Recordings label. The single is so rare that only a couple of copies are known to have ever surfaced in collector's circles, and the band themselves unfortunately remain annoyingly obscure. MORE »

Billy Fury — Three Saturdays With Billy

TSLP 009/TSSCD 009

Following his signing to EMI in December 1966 Billy Fury would record some eleven singles for Parlophone until late 1970, and for much of this period he continued to regularly record live sessions for the BBC. However... MORE »

VARIOUS ARTISTS — 17 From Morden

TSLP 008/TSSCD 008

Top Sounds Records return to the compilation format with 17 From Morden, which collects together seventeen tracks all recorded at R.G Jones' legendary studio in South London during the mid 1960s. Only two selections have previously been released and all the tracks have been extracted from OAK label acetates.... MORE »

THE ARTWOODS — Art's Gallery

TSLP 007/TSSCD 007

The ARTWOODS — Art Wood, Derek Griffiths, Malcolm Pool, Keef Hartley and future Deep Purple organist Jon Lord — recorded for Decca, Parlophone and Fontana from 1964 to 1967 and their Decca back catalogue in particular has been well documented by retrospective re-issues and compilations.... MORE »

GOLDIE — Could It Be

Top Sounds TSEP 002

With television appearances on Not Only But Also and Ready Steady Go, a Top 30 hit with Can't You Hear My Heartbeat and many well received appearances on package tours alongside the Yardbirds, the Stones, the Kinks, Manfred Mann and the Hollies.... MORE »

THE ACTION — In My Lonely Room

TSEP 001 / TSCDEP 001

Four previously unreleased tracks by the ultimate ACTION recorded during 1964 and 1965, on both vinyl and CD EP.... MORE »

THE PURPLE BARRIER — 'Shapes And Sounds' c/w 'Dawn Breaks Through'

TS45 002 SOLD OUT!

Top Sounds' first stand alone 45 release — the Purple Barrier single that never was! In the earlier days of record collecting there was a small clutch of titles that graced many a disc hunter's wants list.... MORE »

'RADIO TYMES' - British Pop On TV and Radio Lost And Found, 1967 – 1969

TSLP 006 £14.99 SOLD OUT!
CD TSSCD 006 £12.99 SOLD OUT!

Following three excavations of 1960s and early 70s BBC radio session performances with the Shapes And Sounds anthologies, Top Sounds now move quite literally into ‘top gear’ with Radio Tymes... MORE »

'LOOK AT THE SUN' - Precious Seconds Thought Gone From The British Underground 1967 - 1970


A facinating mix of unreleased acetates and BBC session tracks comprise Top Sounds' latest mining of the lost archives of the late Sixties... MORE »

'SHAPES AND SOUNDS VOLUME THREE' - Technicolour Dreams from the BBC archives 1967 - 1971


Another collection recorded live for the BBC during the late 1960s and early 70s, with wonderful material long thought lost. MORE »

'SHAPES AND SOUNDS VOLUME TWO' - Shades of deepest purple from the BBC archives 1967 - 1971


A fresh lineup of bands taped in the BBC studios, all professionally restored and mastered. MORE »

'SHAPES AND SOUNDS' - Orange and red beams from the BBC archives 1967 - 1969


'Shapes And Sounds' offers 17 performances taped in BBC studios for broadcast not only on familiar radio shows like 'Top Gear' but also some of the daytime programmes such as 'The Dave Cash Programme'. MORE »

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