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TOP SOUNDS :: FACES FROM THE DARK — Beat and Psychedelia at the Modern Music Centre 1965–1969 — Top Sounds Records TSSCD 012

TSSCD 012 compact disc with 64 page booklet

UK £15.25 including postage
Europe £18.25 including postage
USA / Canada / rest of world £19.50 including postage

Paypal payments to virginsleep@aol.com

During the mid to late 1960s the Modern Music Centre in London welcomed hundreds of aspirant hopefuls through its doors at 86 Turnham Green Terrace in Chiswick. Over seventy acetates at least on the studio's own label are known to exist but the fact that few have ever been released has ensured the studio remains a largely forgotten venture. Its relatively prolific output of discs however has enabled a most entertaining expedition with Faces From The Dark, from singular beat to unhinged psychedelia, amidst a good measure of fuzz our frazzles. The Henchmen

Faces From The Dark is a CD only compilation featuring 28 tracks (of which only 3 have been previously released) and all have been restored to the best possible standards. The CD is housed in a wallet with a 64 page booklet.

  1. THE HENCHMEN — My Baby's Gone (Martin Jarvis)
  2. JOHN STOUGHTON — Sticks And Stones (Turner)
  3. THE TREES — Please Go Steady (unknown)
  4. FACES IN THE DARK — All I Need (Faces In The Dark)
  5. FORE GONKS — The Teaser (unknown)
  6. GENERATION 5 — Come On Back (unknown)
  7. NEW CONCHORDS — In This World
  8. THE DIATONES — Faces (unknown)
  9. THE CHEVRONS — Why Don't You Love Me Like Before (unknown)
  10. THE GRASS — I'll Keep Holding On (William Stevenson, Ivy Jo Hunter)
  11. FOUR'S COMPANY — I Keep Forgetting (unknown)
  12. THE FABLES — I Try Too Hard (unknown)
  13. THE BREEZE — Three Day Eternity (unknown)
  14. ITEM — N.S.U (Jack Bruce)
  15. SOLE SYSTEM — Glendora (Ray Stanley)
  16. TOMORROW'S CHILDREN — LSD (Dick Taylor, Phil May)
  17. THE CLOUD — Doo Doo Song (The Cloud)
  18. 20th CENTURY SOUNDS — Flight Of The Fortune Teller (unknown)
  19. THE BREEZE — Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)
  20. 1984 — Hush (South)
  21. BRITISH MAD — December 4st (unknown)
  22. THE ARTHUR HINGE SPEED BAND — Somebody To Love (Darby Slick)
  23. CHARLOTTE BLACK — So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star (Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman)
  24. THE CLOUD — Something You Got (The Cloud)
  25. 1984 — Fresh Garbage (Jay Ferguson)
  26. THE SUN — Mind's Garden (unknown)
  27. BRITISH MAD — Talking To The Rain (unknown)
  28. CHARLOTTE BLACK — Charge Of The Light Brigade (Terry Clark, Terry Dobson)
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