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Sourced from an off air recording of their only British television appearance on Disco 2, Killing Floor perform 'Milkman' from their 'Out Of Uranus' LP in superb quality (the TV show was wiped decades ago) and of similarly heinous rarity are live tracks from Portrait and Katch 22, who turn in forceful renderings of 'Born To Be Wild' and 'The Price Of Love' respectively (the latter of which is better than the Status Quo cover!) The sound quality is absolutely superb throughout, with twelve of the sixteen tracks sourced from original BBC Transcription records. The other performances have been taken from excellent off air recordings and similarly shine and though few of the tracks on the collection needed much enhancement at all, all have nevertheless been professionally restored and mastered. The presentation is immaculate and as with the previous 'Shapes And Sounds' release, Artholeghraphics have designed a memorable period flavoured package. The LP has a sixteen page colour booklet based on a vintage Radio Times packed with illustrations, band histories and listings of all their known BBC sessions written and supplied by Nigel Lees, author of much of Record Collector magazine's 'The British Psychedelic Trip' series. Except for the Mirage recording being bootlegged many years ago (in lesser quality!), none of the tracks have ever been commercially available and most have not been heard in public since the 60's.

All vinyl copies are hand numbered and 'Shapes And Sounds' is a legitimate limited edition release, licensed from the BBC with the blessing / co-operation of many band members.

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